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Mount Summit Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. is owned and operated by adventure minded Local Sherpa Guides who has many years of experience in the trekking and mountaineering industry of Nepal.

All our staffs at Mount Summit Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. are Sherpa who are native to the Himalayan region, experienced in the field and passionate about their homeland. What most people don’t know about Nepal is that there are many castes and ethnic groups. Sure, we are all Nepalese, but for generations, life and work has been divided along the lines of caste, tribe and ethnicity. For several generations the Sherpa community has had no other livelihood than the mountaineering industry, and they have gained a reputation for honesty and hard work in the field of tourism. Although the industry has been infiltrated by other Nepalese, trekking and mountaineering remains one of the few livelihood options available to the Sherpa Community.

The local Sherpa native to the region are also the most familiar with the local environment and culture and therefore they can provide best qualified service and share the beauty of their mountains with our  guests.

Mount Summit Treks and Expeditions take pride in offering competitive rates, however, we make no effort to compete with companies who are offering unreasonably low rates and compromising standards which both you and the trekking support staff require to make the trek an enjoyable experience.

1. Competent Teams

As noted frequently elsewhere, we have a very competent team of professionals who are selected very carefully based on their actual performance record. We hire and retain only the best professionals. All of our lead/assistant guides, support staff and porters are well trained and are provided with adequate equipment/gears, food, accommodation and health insurance benefits who enjoy a very high level of protection while in the field. They will leave no stone unturned to make your trip not only successful and fun-filled but also a very memorable one. The quality of our people is what makes us stand out.

2. Safety

We regularly assess the safety concern of our clients and have in fact, learned a great deal from our experiences of operating various adventure trips in the region. In consultation with our field staff, we constantly investigate and identify options to mitigate the safety risks and initiate appropriate preventive actions in our future trips. This provides a framework for us to planning, responding to and recovering from an emergency that is likely to arise in any of our trips.

3. Knowlegde and Experiences

The field of movement can be a requesting business. With experience, we have driven the route in making the absolute best travel encounters all through the goals that we present. With regards to arranging and executing trips, we accept that there is not a viable alternative for first-degree field learning and specialized expertise.

In our Kathmandu office, we regularly organize training for new employees ensuring proper orientation and training in environmental and safety procedures before they can start work with us. Some of these training are site-specific safety orientation and in such instances training is conducted at the relevant work site where new employee get to learn firsthand the use of various safety-related tools.

While on the trip our lead staffs are responsible for assessing the client’s safety concerns and reporting back to us if any serious attention is required to address the problem. Our staffs are trained in First Aid leadership and can provide you with the basic medical treatment by tracing the symptoms of certain alignments should it occur while on the trip. In each of our trip, they carry a fully supported First Aid Medical Kit, oxygen cylinders and PAC bags which come very handy in treating minor injuries and curing certain illness. However, they (guides/field staffs) are not any professionally trained medical experts and therefore do not possess in-depth knowledge of all the medical to know how. During your trip, therefore if you become concerned with any aspect of your health condition and safety matters, you should promptly inform your group leader to communicates the situation to the Kathmandu office so we are able to arrange the necessary medical / rescue work promptly.

All of our itineraries are thoroughly researched and worked out allocating enough time for appropriate rest and acclimatization. And although there have been very few instances of our clients needing any serious medical / rescue/evacuation attention, still, however, emergencies can happen at any time and by anticipating and preparing we can mitigate the impacts and undesirable consequences. We ask your active co-operation for making your trip a safe one.

4. Social Activities

Every year our company spends some amount of money in social work. We also collect the fund and donate the money to poters because they are uneducated. Often whole family is depending on them. That’s why they try to save the money that they earned from trekking economizing to fulfill their basic needs like trekking shoes, warm jackets, sun glasses, altitude medicines etc. So, a number of porters they suffer from altitude sickness and cold related illness.

Porters are the indispensable part of Trekking and Mountaineering activity in Nepal. If there is no help of porters anyone can’t enjoy lifetime trekking and mountaineering experience. Porters carry baggage of trekkers up and down mountain trails. Tragically most of the porters are come from poor family. They are uneducated. Often whole family is depending on them. That’s why they try to save the money that they earned from trekking economizing to fulfill their basic needs like trekking shoes, warm jackets, sun glasses, altitude medicines etc. So, a number of porters they suffer from altitude sickness and cold related illness. Some of them even die due to those reasons.

Mount Summit Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. is responsible, we provide standard remuneration to all our porters. In addition to it we allocate certain percentage of profit from every trip for the welfare of porters. We use that fund buying basic trekking equipments and distributing to local porters. We give a huge respect to all porters who are doing their job in the high altitude mountains of Nepal.

5. Genuine and Authentic Company

Mount Summit Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. is established under Company Act 2053 and Tourism Act 2006 (Registration No: 253728/077/078. Pan No: 609915277). The company is licensed by Tax Department of Nepal as a taxpayer, and also by Central Bank of Nepal as foreign currency acceptable company from foreigners and members of national and international tourism umbrella organizations.

Why you should choose Mount Summit Treks for your Nepal Adventure?

  1. High quality service at a reasonable price
  2. Genuine and authentic trekking company
  3. We guarantee quality and professional service
  4. No hidden costs
  5. Well trained and staff are professional, honest, friendly and hardworking
  6. We provide our staff fair benefits and rewards
  7. Our team puts your comfort and safety first at all times
  8. Itinerary is flexible
  9. We design your trip according to your needs and preferences
  10. A single person is responsible for daily departures and trip organization
  11. We carefully organize the smallest details of your trip 
  12. We are committed to practices which protect Nepal’s environment and culture
  13. We use equipment of international standard
  14. We comply to all government regulations of Nepal
  15. We can provide tour guides, trekking guides & climbing guides who can speak diffrent additional languages : English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German
  16. High success rate